Lagermax was founded in 1920. The company started its business in a warehouse (Lager) in the Maxglan district of Salzburg, hence the name

Lagermax soon becomes the leading company in the fields of forwarding, car transport and logistics in Salzburg. In addition to its basic services, it also offers express, parcel and system services with its DPD, AED and FASHIONET programmes. With its motto "Together in motion" it accentuates the togetherness with all the clients in every day's business dynamics.

The company operates in 11 European countries, on 30 locations. From the head office in Salzburg there has been a policy of expansion to middle and eastern Europe for years, which resulted in branches in Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Croatia, Macedonia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia. The company has more than 3000 employees.